17 gennaio 2016


..di seguito la prima enciclica del neo-Vice Commodoro della Classe Snipe Internazionale (aka SCIRA) Pietro Phantomas Fantoni..

PS: mi sono permesso di evidenziare in grassetto gli aspetto che a mio avviso sono particolarmente.. urgenti!!

- Any decision of the Board and the Technical Committee should consider the goal of increasing the members; to be inclusive not exclusive or elitist; and to give new vitality to the Promotion Committee.
- Improve coordination in the scheduling of international regattas and major national races, to avoid overlap.
- Give special emphasis to promotional initiatives (Clinics, Snipe days, activities such as Miami Junior Invitational, GFU). Create a spirit of emulation between the different fleets; involve more people in fleet activities, including social events and local, national, and international regattas. SCIRA Coaching Initiative is a great example.
- Give greater importance to the work of local and fleet activity, encouraging initiatives and making them known nationally and internationally, so that the fleet and its members feel part of the class.
- The dates of the Juniors and Women's Worlds must be during vacation times. The venue should be easy to travel to and the hosting clubs should have a big fleet. The main goal is having a good participation of teams, so it doesn't matter if we follow the SCIRA rotation grid (existing rotation system between continents/countries), and it doesn't matter if the Juniors are combined or not (before or after) the Senior Worlds.
- Promote debates and discussions on SnipeToday or other blogs that involve members in class decisions.
- Encourage "low cost" regattas, with the possibility of free camping or accommodation aboard cruising boats or in houses owned by other sailors. In my experience I saw that the numerical success of a regatta depends on the choice of location (not too windy, a beautiful place for vacation, "friendly organized" social events and inexpensive accommodations).
- Involve boatyards and professionals to get new ideas for making more charter boats available, or to carry a lot of boats in containers or on multiple deck trailers: this would reduce traveling costs and could increase the number of participants.
- Communication within the Class: We need to send the message that the Class and the fleets are alive and inclusive, via Facebook, SnipeToday, and other national and local sites. (Don't forget word of mouth, which is still the best way to promote the class.) We offer both serious fun and serious sailing, a great combination. We cannot ignore either if we want to both attract new people and keep our current members.
- Communication outside the Class to the sailing community is also critical, especially sending results and report to National and International sailing websites and magazines.
- Observe and copy good ideas from other classes that recently had a renaissance at the national or international level.

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